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Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste + Charcoal

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Introducing our new high-grade formulation toothpaste made with a proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients like the latest advancement in the oral care industry; biocompatible and non-toxic mineral Hydroxyapatite. Our ultra-cleansing nano particle-free 'fluoride alternative' toothpaste is designed to aid in sensitivity, and tooth remineralization and help protect cavities - all while whitening teeth naturally by sealing the pores of the surface of the enamel. Let's be honest, today's trend in charcoal toothpaste is more grey and less messy so we reduced the amount of charcoal for a more gentle yet still effective teeth-whitening paste. The perfect amount of enamel-friendliness to remove tough stains without weakening teeth and turning them yellow. Leaving you with a youthful glow that your dentist will notice!

• Packaging: Plastic-free and Recyclable

• Product Materials: Vegan

• Production: Cruelty-free