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Intelligent Change

Night Notes Journal

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Give light to your unconscious mind with the Night Notes journal. Calm your mind in preparation for sleep, record and analyze your dreams, jot down your bedtime ideas, prioritize tomorrow with to-do lists, and expand on your creative musings.

Your space for night-time reflection, self-discovery, and creative musings.

  • Unique and handmade journal for night-time reflection
  • Good sleep is the greatest gift you can give yourself—after all, you spend ⅓ of your life asleep
  • 4 lined sections of the journal: Dreams, Ideas, To-Dos, Creative Musings
  • Thoughtful quotes and illustrations to inspire you on your night-time reflection journey
  • Designed for easy night-time navigation
  • Small enough format to fit by any bedside table


  • The dividers for each section are made by hand using a traditional tip-in process, where the dividers are individually glued into the book by attaching it to the subsequent page.
  • Due to the handmade nature of the product, there may be slight variations, small imperfections, and discrepancies in craftsmanship.
  • 199 pages
  • Undated
  • 100% recycled, compostable, FSC certified paper
  • Hard back cover
  • Perfect binding
  • A6, 4.4” /11.2cmW x 6.5” / 16.7 cmH
  • Handmade in Italy